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Radical Entourage prezinta: Rise Above Movement (US)

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Radical Entourage: Hello! Can you describe yourself in a few words?

R.A.M: To describe me, in short, would be a street activist but I always prefer to let my work speak of who I am as a piece of me goes into every project I do. To start, I am the founder of Rise Above movement that became known in the US from 2016-to 2018 till arrests were made due to our growing influence. After getting out of prison I went on to found Will2Rise a lifestyle brand that led to starting Media2Rise a documentary series. Today I have focused mostly on promoting the Active Club model along with getting into music and starting W2R records bringing in class artists such as No-Face Nate, Saxon, and Colonizer. So I would say I’m a street activist who has a vision for a healthy nationalist counter-culture.

Radical Entourage: Can you describe the Rise Above Movement? The foundation,
the ideology, who does it consist of and the scope?

R.A.M.: Looking back now at the early days of RAM it was a pioneer organization in what today I call the 3.0 style or the active nationalist lifestyle, at the time the US right was more towards alt-right and online-based, and I and the guys from RAM did not see ourselves fitting in with that crowd. So we set off to start our style in the US that was focused around fitness and activism doing things like banner drops, boxing, stickers etc, which in 2016 did not exist in the US at this time.
For ideology was never something that was discussed too much, I think myself and the guys were burnt out from hearing homosexuals like Richard spencer that rambled on endlessly about ideology and ethno states and things that don’t matter as much at this point. We were focused more on virtues than ideology and how guys carried themselves because there are plenty that can quote books and claim adherents of ideology but yet carried did not pose any qualities. I would add as well with RAM was that we view our skin as our uniform, we did not have to be edgy or shout what we believed in because when people saw 15 in shape white guys show up somewhere this said more than words or a banner as it was understood by all. Lastly, our aim was to change the way WN is viewed to show that this is an attractive counterculture to that of the apathetic left.

Radical Entourage: What is the most impacting action the RAM did? Or series of actions.

R.A.M : That is a tough question. Personally I think the videos we made had the biggest impact at that time no one was making them in the US . So we pioneered putting out these sort of hype videos to show the lifestyle in a very non-larpy way that helped change the mold of what it means to be a WN in the US. But it’s hard to not mention the demonstration that we did in Berkeley that was won because of RAM and the effect it had on the US. Many of the organizers for Charlottesville looked to that event at Berkeley as a sign of the momentum swinging from left to right and based the decision to hold that event on what happened that day. The „battle of Berkeley” as it’s called is when RAM made a name for itself but also was the first time the Right not only stood their ground but literally chased antifa out of a stronghold city and had a total victory.. I am not sure but I don’t think a whole city has been taken over in the same was since in the US.

Radical Entourage: How do you promote your message, facing all the censorship in this culture war?

R.A.M: Censorship really makes it hard but myself and the guys I work with are very determined to overcome and we put out tons of content so eventually some of it will find it was too new eyes.

Radical Entourage: How often did your members have problems with the abuses of
the law? Is RAM banned right now in USA?

R.A.M: To give an example of the interaction with RAM and law enforcement, they were after us so bad because of events like Berkeley where they saw their antifa buddies get beat and because they saw that our style was going to spread and really change what it means to be a nationalist in US, they had to dig up a 60-year-old law that never really has been used to come after us because they could not try to get us for assault because it was clear we were outnumbered, didn’t have weapons and defend ourselves. So they found some loophole to get us thrown in prison and make us the enemy of the state.

Radical Entourage: What do you think of the American society in our days? What would
you do to change it?

R.A.M: For the situation in the US there is a lot of moral decay and I would say in every major city white area minority already just from what I have seen my eyes . ( I do not believe population censuses are even close to reliable ) in short what I think the US will need is not a great leader like Codreanu, Mussolini etc, but more a figure like Genghis Khan or Vlad the Impaler and use the same style of justice that they would give out in their lands.

Radical Entourage: What are the movements and who are the personalities from the
world history that inspire you and your movement?

R.A.M: Oddly enough my personal favorite historical figure is Gaius Marius besides all his heroic deeds that are to many to go into. I remember when I first read about him, something just clicked in my head, maybe its my blood memory, lol, maybe he is my distant relative. For organizations I took a lot of inspiration from Casapound, white rex, father frost, ONR , generation identity etc. All the orgs had a very new style and I am a firm believer in old ideals new styles. When I do projects, I never do it with the aim to bring back some past period but take inspiration and think how can it be applied today to create something new.

Radical Entourage: What do you know about Romania, I mean in history and the nationalist scene in the previous century?

R.A.M: For Romania of course Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, I have read „For my legionnaires” twice now and still have a bunch of notes that I take look at from time to time. Vlad the Impaler is another guy who I have great admiration and again a man like that is much needed today. Also Romania is a Orthodox nation, I am myself Orthodox as well.

Radical Entourage: Present us in details the current projects you and your group are managing.
I am talking about: Active Club, Will2Rise shop, W2R Records, etc. And if there
are others

R.A.M: I am always working on new projects: Active clubs, media2rise, will2rise, W2R Records, 3.0 etc. Currently for this summer Media2Rise will be the main focus as we are already working on new materially which will be out soon and will bring a something new to the table. W2R records is my newest project that has already been well received and found some really talented artists to the team and am always looking for more.

Radical Entourage: Do you think there should be a balance between sports, culture and
spirituality in one nationalist person’s life? Or is one of the elements more important?

R.A.M: Of course there must be a balance between mind, body and soul and missing any one of these makes you not fully complete and leave you exposed like missing a piece of armor when going into battle. Have all exercise all three parts and you will be able to overcome our enemies.

Radical Entourage: If you could address to the young generations, what would you tell them?

R.A.M: What I would say to the younger generation is of course is to train, and on top of that to take risks because being complete will never lead to change or glory. Look to the future and not stay stuck in the past, adapt and improvise for today’s struggle. We live in a time of rapid change.


Radical Entourage: Salut! Poti sa te descrii in cateva cuvinte?

R.A.M.: Sa ma descriu, pe scurt, ar fi un activist stradal dar prefer mereu sa las munca mea sa vorbeasca  despre cine sunt, dat fiind faptul ca o bucatica din mine intra in fiecare proiect pe care il fac. Pentru a incepe, sunt fondatorul miscarii Rise Above care a devenit cunoscuta in SUA din 2016 pana in 2018 cand au fost facute arestari din cauza influentei noastre crescatoare. Dupa iesirea din inchisoare am inceput fondarea Will2Rise, un brand al stilului de viata care ulterior a dus la conceperea seriei de documentare Media2Rise. In prezent m-am concentrat in mare parte pe promovarea modelului Active Club impreuna cu activitatea in muzica si realizarea studioului W2R records aducand artisti de clasa precum No-Face Nate, Saxon si Colonizer. Deci as putea spune ca sunt un activist stradal care are o viziune pentru o contra-cultura nationalista sanatoasa.

Radical Entourage: Descrie-ne Rise Above Movement. Bazele, ideologia, alcatuirea sa si in ce scop?

R.A.M.: Uitandu-ne in urma la inceputurile RAM, a fost o organizatie pioniera in ceea ce astazi numesc stilul 3.0 sau stilul activ de viata nationalist, la o vreme cand miscarea de dreapta in SUA era mai mult spre alt-right (dreapta alternativa) sau legata de mediul virtual iar eu cu baietii din RAM nu ne regaseam in acele grupuri. Asadar am pornit in crearea stilul nostru in SUA care se concentra in jurul fitnesului si al activismului, facand bannere, box, stickere, etc, ceea ce in 2016 nu exista in SUA la momentul respectiv.
Ca si ideologie n-a fost niciodata ceva ce am discutat prea mult, cred ca eu si baietii eram satuli de auzit homosexuali ca Richard Spencer care tot trancaneau despre ideologie si state etnologice sau alte lucruri care nu mai conteaza asa mult in prezent. Eram mai mult concentrati pe virtutii decat ideologie si cum se poarta baietii, pentru ca sunt multi care pot cita din carti si se pot declara aderati unei ideologii dar care nu prezentau nici o calitate. As adauga de asemenea ca in RAM ne vedeam pielea ca uniforma, nu trebuia sa fim edgy sau sa strigam in ce credem pentru ca atunci cand vedeai 15 baieti albi sportivi care apareau undeva, asta spunea mai mult decat cuvintele sau un banner, fiind inteles de toti. In ultimul rand, scopul nostru era sa schimbam felul in care WN (White Nationalism – Nationalism Alb) este vazut, sa aratam ca este o contra-cultura atractiva in comparatie cu stanga apatica.

Radical Entourage: Care este cea mai de impact actiune pe care au facut-o RAM? Sau serie de actiuni.

R.A.M.: O intrebare dificila. Personal cred ca videourile pe care le-am facut au avut cel mai mare impact, la timpul respectiv nimeni nu le facea in SUA. Deci am fost pionieri in a scoate genul de videouri motivante aratand stilul de viata intr-un mod real, care a ajutat la schimbarea tiparului a ceea ce inseamna sa fii WN in SUA. Dar este greu sa nu mentionam demonstratia pe care am facut-o in Berkeley care a fost castigata datorita lui RAM si a efectului pe care il are in SUA. Multi din organizatorii din Charlottesville se uita la evenimentul din Berkeley ca un moment in care avantul s-a schimbat de la stanga la dreapta. ”Batalia pentru Berkeley” cum o numim, este evenimentul cand RAM si-a facut un renume dar este si prima data cand Dreapta nu numai ca si-a pastrat pozitia dar literalmente au fugarit antifa din oras intr-o victorie totala. Nu sunt sigur, dar cred ca nici un oras intreg nu a mai fost luat la fel de atunci in SUA.

Radical Entourage: Cum va promovati mesajul, infruntand toata cenzura din acest razboi cultural?

R.A.M.: Cenzura chiar ingreuneaza lucrurile dar eu si baietii cu care lucrez suntem foarte determinati sa razbatem si sa punem tone de materiale, asa ca eventual tot vor ajunge si la priviri noi.

Radical Entourage: Cat de des membrii vostrii au avut probleme cu abuzurile legii? Este RAM interzis acum in SUA?

R.A.M.: Ca sa dau un exemplu de interactiune RAM cu organele legii..Ei ne vanau mult datorita evenimentului din Berkeley unde i-au vazut pe prietenii lor antifa luandu-si bataie si realizand faptul ca stilul nostru urma sa se raspandeasca si sa schimbe cu adevarat ce inseamna sa fii nationalist in SUA. Au dezgropat o lege veche de 60 de ani care nu a fost folosita niciodata, dar nu au reusit sa ne acuze de asalt pentru ca era clar ca am fost depasiti numeric, nu am avut arme si ne-am aparat. Asa ca au gasit o bucla legislativa sa ne bage in inchisoare si sa ne faca inamicii statului.

Radical Entourage: Ce credeti despre societatea americana in zilele noastre? Ce ati face sa o schimbati?

R.A.M: Situatia actuala in SUA prezinta multa degradare morala si as zice ca in fiecare oras mare, din cate vad cu ochiul liber, albii sunt o minoritate (cred ca recensamantul nici nu se apropie de realitate). Pe scurt ceea ce cred ca are nevoie SUA nu este un mare conducator asemenea lui Codreanu, Mussolini, etc dar mai mult o personalitate ca Genghis Khan sau Vlad Tepes folosind aceleasi metode de justitie cum foloseau pe pamanturile lor.

Radical Entourage: Care sunt miscarile si personalitatile din istoria lumii care te-au inspirat pe tine si miscarea voastra?

R.A.M.: Culmea dar pentru mine, personalitatea istorica preferata este Gaius Marius pentru toate faptele sale eroice care sunt prea numeroase sa le enumeram. Tin minte prima data cand am citit despre el, ceva s-a legat in mintea mea, poate este memoria sangelui, lol, poate e ruda mea indepartata. Pentru organizatie m-am inspirat mult din Casapound, White Rex, Father Frost, ONR, Generation Identity etc. Toate organizatiile au un stil foarte nou iar eu cred in conceptul „idealuri vechi – stiluri noi”. Cand fac proiecte, nu o fac niciodata cu scopul sa aduc inapoi perioade trecute dar iau inspiratie si ma gandesc cum pot fi aplicate astazi pentru a face ceva nou.

Radical Entourage: Ce stii despre Romania, legat de istorie si de scena nationalista din secolul trecut?

R.A.M.: Despre Romania, binenteles Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, am citit “Pentru legionari” de doua ori pana acum si tot am o gramada de notite la care ma uit din cand in cand. Vlad Tepes este alta personalitate pentru care am o mare admiratie si din nou, un om de care avem multa nevoie in prezent. De asemenea Romania este o natiune Ortodoxa si eu insumi sunt Ortodox.

Radical Entourage: Prezinta-ne in detaliu proiectele actuale la care tu si grupul tau lucrati. Ma refer la: Active Club, magazinul Will2Rise, studioul W2R Records, etc. Si daca mai sunt si altele.

R.A.M.: Mereu lucrez la noi proiecte: Active Club, Media2Rise, Will2Rise, W2R Records, 3.0, etc. Momentan pentru aceasta vara, Media2Rise va fi interesul principal. Deja lucram la un nou material care va fi scos in curand si va pune ceva nou pe masa. Studioul W2R este cel mai nou proiect, fiind primit foarte bine. Pentru echipa am gasit multi artisti talentati si mereu urmarim sa aducem mai multi.

Radical Entourage: Crezi ca ar trebui sa fie un echilibru intre sport, cultura si spiritualitate in viata nationalistului? Sau un element este mai important decat celalalte?

R.A.M.: Binenteles ca trebuie sa fie un echilibru intre minte, corp si suflet iar orice dezechilibru intre acestea te face incomplet si vulnerabil exact ca o piesa de armura intr-o batalie. Lucreaza la toate cele trei parti si vei putea sa iti domini adversarii.

Radical Entourage: Daca ai putea sa te adresezi noilor generatii, ce le-ai spune?

R.A.M.: Ce le-as spune noilor generatii este, binenteles, sa se antreneze si pe langa acest lucru sa indrazneasca deoarece a fi complet nu te va duce la schimbare sau la glorie. Uitati-va spre viitor si nu va blocati in trecut, adaptati-va si improvizati pentru chinul zilelor noastre. Traim intr-un timp al schimbarilor rapide.